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What Gets Me up in the Morning

how-i-becameI’m not a morning person. Can I get a high 5? No?  I really struggle with that, and to make matters worse, I’ve got three kids at three different schools – another reason to start home schooling! The trek from A to B every day is one that sent me on a guilt trip of note.  Each child needs lunch made, dressed, teeth brushed and out the door on time.  From a toddler to a 6 year old to a teenager!  Well, the teenager is awesome, actually they are all awesome.#proudmommy 🙂

So, I love my kids, but they don’t get me up in the mornings.

A year ago I would have told you that guilt got me up in the mornings.  I was living permanently with guilty mom syndrome.  Ever heard of that?

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If you are a working mom, chances are you may have lived with guilt or are living with it. Thank goodness guilt no longer gets me up in the mornings.

What’s more important?

I’ve done so much research on how to be a morning person, because I am naturally a night owl.  I love sleeping in, and snuggling back down under the duvet.  🙂

There are even books that have been written on how successful people are early risers.  This post is not about that!  Being an early riser is certainly a good thing, but I’m not going to try to convince you of that.

I want to share with you how I managed to become a happy person in the morning, as opposed to stressed out and miserable.  To me, that is so much more important than getting up a certain time.  Let’s face it, some of us simply are not wired to be early risers.

So, I want to save you a lot of angst and I won’t be telling you how to change your natural routine. You do not need to be a morning person!

The journey to here

Here is some insight into my own life:

  1. I decided to stop my day job, which was diabolically stressful.
  2. I knew I wanted to do something different with my time rather than sell it by working myself half to death to make a living.
  3. I wanted something more that would make me a more productive member of society, and that would offer something to others in need.
  4. I wanted to be available for my kids because I felt that I never saw them, and that they were being raised by schools, afterschool care programmes and baby-sitters.
  5. My hearts desire was to be the main influencer in my children’s lives.

I am a person to whom family is incredibly important.

I initially started a small cleaning business, which went really well, but I was still tied down to working during those “required” hours.  Flexibility to pick kids up from school at a reasonable time was there, but it still was not a complete picture of where I wanted to be.  I’ve been praying for years, and I mean 17 years minimum, for a way to be there for my kids.  I guess the answer has always been there, I just didn’t know where to look.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for those 17 years.  I had so many incredible opportunities, not the least of which was emigrating to an amazing country. Despite that, I still wasn’t where my heart really wanted to be.

How I became a happy morning personKeep praying

I am so grateful that I continued to pray all those years.

I have massive responsibilities, and these used to weigh down on me in a huge way. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a Christian I know I need to be responsible and set a good example to my children.  I need to have a fantastic work ethic, and do everything with excellence – my highest possible standard.

I have not arrived, I’m still a work in progress, and I fall and have to pick myself up again.  Except, now I have found the most incredible opportunity to make a difference to my kids lives, and the lives of others.  I cannot find the words to express the deep gratitude I have for this.

I found a way – Writing, Helping

In the process of my constant search for something more meaningful, I came across a blog post by a lovely woman who inspired me to take the step into the online world.  She is also a single mom, and is making sufficient for her family to be completely financially secure.  As a result of reading her post, and buying her book, I made the decision to start my online journey.

Writing makes me happy.  Writing helpful content makes me even happier.  I like helping people, and I like writing.  Words are beautiful and you can make beautiful stories with them. You can also help change people’s lives for the better.

I now wake up in the morning looking forward to my day because I can:

  1. Be the main influence in my children’s lives.
  2. Write and be helpful.

If you are a mom, and you are searching for a way to be home for your children and also contribute to family financial needs, consider the option of starting an online business.  There are several things you can do, and start part time while you are still working:

      1. Start a blog, and work your way into affiliate marketing. Click here.
      2. Grow your blog to the point that advertisers want space on your page. Click here.
      3. Starting an e-commerce store by dropshipping. Click here.
      4. Make handmade products and sell them on ebay.  Click here.
      5. Write an e-course and sell it online.

There are tons more ways to make money online, but these are my top 5 right now.  I honestly wish you every bit of success, and pray that you will find what you are seeking.

God bless. Claire

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