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The ONE Post You Need To Read Before 2017

If you want to make a change for 2017, and if you want to start your own online business then this is the post for YOU!

I’ve been researching and looking in so many different places for a way to start a new life online.  A way to make money and learn about this online world that is so huge.

The ONE place where I have been able to get real nuts and bolts training is here.

Honestly, I have not found a comparable resource that provides you with world class training, a second to none community of support, and direct access to the owners.

If you know nothing about starting a website to create your blog or e-commerce platform you will find what you need to know in doing the step by step formula created by Kyle and Carson.  I don’t know them personally, but I kinda feel like I do.  I have come to trust their advice and training like no other. A small sample of training here.

 There are untold numbers of courses and e-books which will share with you the tips you need.  I can say that the lovely people putting those courses out there offer brilliant products.  I was personally inspired to start my own journey through one of those e-books.  I would never knock them.  I know that hard work that goes into that kind of resource.
But nothing, NOTHING, compares with WA .  The one and only reason I say this is that they are continually educating and enhancing their courses.  The community shares and helps one another.  Their certification courses and bootcamp course will ensure you have every chance of success.

Certification Courses

Below are three samples of certification courses you can do.  Active word – Sample.  There is really so much more.

Online Certification 1

Certification Level 1

Certification 3

Certification Level 3


Bootcamp Phase 4


So, there are costs involved with this training, but I would say this is the most cost effective training there is.
You also have a free option, which allows you access to all the help from the community and as much training as you can possibly fit into 7 days.  Once the 7 days is up, you still have access to a whole host of features, but you will not be able to access the community to have your questions answered, unless you decide to go premium.
See costing options below:

BUT THERE’S MORE! There is an annual membership option which will save you a ton, and you will be given that option early on when you are all signed up to Premium.  I say WHEN, because I am so confident that you will not find anything else out there that compares.

Other Training Options

So, I’ve been signing up to lost of e-mail lists, and receiving amazing tips on how to do things online and how to get your online presence noticed.  There have been a lot of offers of courses to get the best tips and tricks in online marketing, getting more traffic, how to use Google+, SEO etc.  Trust me, there really is a lot of content out there to choose from.  You will sometimes get a snippet for free, and then you will decide to pay (Read my 5 rules for online training) because your curiosity is piqued.
What you should consider before running headlong into some training, is:
1. What the training will teach you,
2. How much it will cover, and
3. Can you review it for free before you buy?
With all the separate courses out there, you can potentially spend thousands on educating yourself, when there is a really simply solution which will cost you about as much, if not less than you would spend on coffee for a year.
The thing I truly love the most about this training is that it is hands on as you work building your business and presence.  You can do it part time, full time, any time.  What you absolutely have to commit to when you try it – is to DO it.

For 2017

So, are you ready for your new life online?  Are you ready to do something amazing?  Are you ready to learn how to have an online business?

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

My friends, this is a very real opportunity to work hard and achieve something awesome!  I look forward to meeting you in WA very soon!

If you have any questions about this post, feel free to comment below and I will be sure to answer them. Here’s to 2017!




8 thoughts on “The ONE Post You Need To Read Before 2017

  1. This offer is really great! As a matter of fact, the best I’ve come across so far. this training is really what I’ve been searching for for years.

    I will recommend this to future viewers to try out!

    The content is very much helpful along with the pictures of proof and that of inside the program. Great insight.

    Thanks for this helpful information.

    1. Thanks for the input kingspirits1, I’m grateful that you stopped by and it’s awesome that you can confirm how good this training is. All the best!

  2. Hi!!
    Agree 100%!.
    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can just say that everything in your article is right!
    They provide you with everything you need to succeed, from training, support, website building, and much more!
    The only thing you have to put in is your time and effort, so you take action on the education you learned.
    If you follow the training and take action, you’ll certainly be very successful!
    Thanks for your great article!

    1. Chanan I am so grateful that you stopped by. I honestly searched hundreds of google search results to find a negative review about WA. The worst people had to say is that it could be overwhelming at first with the amount of information of offer. I thought – if that’s the worst of it – Bring it on! Following the step by step training is simple but highly effective and you learn EVERY time. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Like you I have seen a lot of training programs. And I have spent a lot of money taking them. I have probably spent more than I should. But as you point out in your article, there is a wealth of training including live video training at Wealthy Affiliate. The best part is that anyone can join for free and test out the training. Not many programs will let you do that!

  4. What a catchy post title, love it! And it’s all so true, the training on offer at WA is comprehensive and really helps to put you onto the right path for building your own online business.

    Would love to hear a little more about what your online business actually involves and how the training has helped you to achieve some of your business goals?

    1. Hi Caroline, my online business is to provide moms and single moms with a passion to stay home with their kids an option to do so. It is also my goal to provide helpful tips, inspiration and understanding in a world that is so full of pressure and negativity.

      Through this online business I have been able to reach like-minded women, and sometimes men too, who need to hear “You Can Do It!”

      I have achieved this goal, and am so excited to be working towards many more – the potential is limitless!

      I wish you all the best with your online goals too!

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