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Father’s Day – Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is a day that comes around every year.  Some love that it comes, other’s dread it’s arrival.  I have thankfully got happy memories of my father and growing up.  My heart breaks for those who do not.

I also think of my own kids who are growing up without their father as a permanent feature in their lives.  I am grateful, thought, for the fact that “daddy” is still involved in their lives and plays an important part of their growing up.

The dilemma I am faced with each year as I get older, is what on earth to honour my father with.  I say honour because he deserves my respect and honour.  I say dilemma because it’s almost impossible to give something that truly encompasses all that!

So, my next approach is to ask – what will make him smile?  Honestly, my dad would be grateful even for the proverbial pair of socks or some undies. 🙂

What has always made my dad happy is gadgets.  All kinds of gadgets, but most especially the ones that smell of adventure.

I often remember, as a little girl, how my dad would always be doing something with his hands.  In fact, I always wanted to be there helping him in the garage with his latest project.  I’ve got an interest in DIY myself as a result.  Tools were always a feature in his life, and when asked what he wanted for a gift for birthdays or Christmas, it was often answered with one word – TOOLS.

This is when it gets really expensive!  There are more pocket friendly father’s day gifts, which one can consider, and they can still bring much joy!  Not all dads are into tactical gear, gadgets or tools.  My dad loved reading too, and a good book went down very well! Tom Clancy is a popular choice and I have read many of his books myself.  Consider a good book for dad.  Under $20 and it’s a nice way to start a cool collection.

Here are some handy links for other ideas for father’s day gifts.  But hurry if you want to have it shipped in time!



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